Analog Oscilloscope Suppliers in Thailand

Some Old Database of Thai Industrial Instrument Supplier

Asras Co.,Ltd. (Thailand) Tel: 0-2692-3980, 0-2277-9969-70 Fax : 0-2692-3978, 0-2277-0995
Products: Clamp meter, Power Analyzer, Ground Tester, Insulation Tester, Programable Power Source, Digital Multimeter, Analog Mulitmeter, Digital Oscilloscope, Analog Oscilloscope, Power Meter, Thermometer, Temperature and Humidity, etc.
Leader Asia Co.,Ltd. (Thailand) Tel: (02)225-8591, (02)225-8592 Fax : (02)224-0201, (02)225-8593
Products: Analog Oscilloscope, Digital Oscilloscope, Frequency Counter, Function Generator etc.