Digital Oscilloscope Suppliers in Thailand

Thai Instrument Supplier : Trinergy Instrument Co.,Ltd.
Products : Tektronix Test & Measurement - Oscilloscopes - Real time Spectrumn Analyzer - Logic Analyzer - Signal source - Digital Multimeters - Probe and Accessories Automated Test, Measurement and Control - Modular instrument - GPIB and Instrument controller - Data acquisition - Programmable automation controller Qmax - In Circuit Tester AMREL - Programmable electronic load / air cooled and water cooled 60W - 120 kW - Programmable Dc power supply 20W - 800 kW VPC - Interconnecting Test Devices
Contact Info : Tel: 0-2718-1870  
Thai Instrument Supplier : NI Technology Co.,Ltd
Products : Analog/Digital Multimeters, Clamp Meter, Insulation test, Earth test, Phase rotation, Infrared Thermometers, Voltage Detector, Power Meter, Anemometer, Manometer, pH meter, Salinity meter, Oxygen Meter, Thickness guage, DC Supply, Oscilloscope, Decade Box, Data Logger, Tachometer, Torque Sensor, Vibration Tester
Contact Info : Tel: 02-982-3306  
Thai Instrument Supplier : Measuretronix Co.,Ltd.
Products : Anemometer, Clamp meter, Data Logger, Digital multimeter, Digital oscilloscope, Digital thermometer, Gas detector, Gas analyzer, Humidity meter, Infrared thermometer, Light meter, Manometer, Multifunction Process Calibrator, Panel meter, Power Quality Analyzer, Pressure Calibrator, RTD, RTD Calibrator, Soldering Accessories, ScopeMeter, Sound meter, Tachometer, Temperature controller, Thermocouple, Thermocouple Calibrator, etc.
Contact Info : Tel: 0-2514-1000  

Some Old Database of Thai Industrial Instrument Supplier

Asras Co.,Ltd. (Thailand) Tel: 0-2692-3980, 0-2277-9969-70 Fax : 0-2692-3978, 0-2277-0995
Products: Clamp meter, Power Analyzer, Ground Tester, Insulation Tester, Programable Power Source, Digital Multimeter, Analog Mulitmeter, Digital Oscilloscope, Analog Oscilloscope, Power Meter, Thermometer, Temperature and Humidity, etc.
IRC Technologies Co.,Ltd. (Thailand) Tel: 02-203-0009 ext. 51, 52, 53 Fax : 02-203-0260
Products: Digital Oscilloscope etc.
Leader Asia Co.,Ltd. (Thailand) Tel: (02)225-8591, (02)225-8592 Fax : (02)224-0201, (02)225-8593
Products: Analog Oscilloscope, Digital Oscilloscope, Frequency Counter, Function Generator etc.