Power Meter Suppliers in Thailand

Some Old Database of Thai Industrial Instrument Supplier

Asras Co.,Ltd. (Thailand) Tel: 0-2692-3980, 0-2277-9969-70 Fax : 0-2692-3978, 0-2277-0995
Products: Clamp meter, Power Analyzer, Ground Tester, Insulation Tester, Programable Power Source, Digital Multimeter, Analog Mulitmeter, Digital Oscilloscope, Analog Oscilloscope, Power Meter, Thermometer, Temperature and Humidity, etc.
Eletech International Corp.,Ltd. (Thailand) Tel: 0-2518-1403-5, 0-2919-0047-8 Fax : 0-2517-8397
Products: Power Meter, Power Analyzer, Power Controller, Energy Meter etc.
Sang Chai Meter Co.,Ltd.(Thailand) Tel: (02)-616-8031, (02)616-8041 Fax : (02)-616-8061-4 (02)-616-8050
Products: Clamp meter, Chart Recorder, Counter, CCTV, Data logger, Digital Process Indicator, Digital Panel Meter, Flow sensor, Metal Detector, PLC, Signal Converters, Power Monitor, Temperature Controller, Temperature Transmitter, Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Controller, Proximity Sensors, Switching Power Supply, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter/Controller, Level meter, Thermostat, Thermometer, etc.