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Digital Oscilloscope in Thailand

Thai Instrument Supplier : Trinergy Instrument Co.,Ltd.
Products : Tektronix Test & Measurement - Oscilloscopes - Real time Spectrumn Analyzer - Logic Analyzer - Signal source - Digital Multimeters - Probe and Accessories Automated Test, Measurement and Control - Modular instrument - GPIB and Instrument controller - Data acquisition - Programmable automation controller Qmax - In Circuit Tester AMREL - Programmable electronic load / air cooled and water cooled 60W - 120 kW - Programmable Dc power supply 20W - 800 kW VPC - Interconnecting Test Devices
Description :

Trinergy Instrument has been a leading supplier of electronic, broadcast and telecommunication test equipment & system to Thailand market since 1995 and now having registered capital 36 Million Baht with 52 man power. Lead by a staff of skilled engineers, Trinergy is application focused and pursues new ways to implement technology of production test ,digital design and calibration , enabling advancements in semiconductor manufacturing, Video broadcast , and communication. Our precision products improve efficiencies & yields and are used in test & measurement quality assurance applications , the automation of manufacturing processes and research.

Trinergy’s engineers are uniquely qualified to provide a variety of application integration services to our customers and can create ideal solutions for your testing challenges by integrating products from our diverse products. We also provide repair, calibration, and other support services for a wide variety of test and measurement equipment & system, and more Our mission is to provide support and assistance in the areas Electronics, Broadcast and Telecommunication with three group of Engineer, Sales Engineer ,support Engineer and Service Engineer.

We make it a point to ensure that our support to clients contributes directly to increasing their profits and improving their operating procedures. We ensure that our clients are always better informed than their competitors and matches their objectives.

Contact Info : Tel: 0-2718-1870