Aerocomm Company

Digital Oscilloscope in Thailand

Thai Instrument Supplier : Aerocomm Company
Products : GPS , Laser Range Finder , Night Vision , Infrared Camera , Binocular ,GPS Tracking ,GPS Logger , Charger, Surveillance , Survey , Anemometer , Weather , Hygrometer , Soundmeter , GPS/Atomic Time & Frequency , Network Time Synchronization,NTP Server, Microwave Component / Subsystem , Microwave Calibration System , Radio Telemetry , Packet Radio , Test and Measurement,Cryogen Free Magnet,Cryostat,Shock and Vibration Test /Calibration Systems , RF Interconnection Components for Cellular Network, Manufacture RF/Microwave Components for Export. World Class Products MADE IN THAILAND - (Isolators ,Circulators and VHF/UHF/FM/TV Pallet Amplifier Modules ,RF resisor and Temination flange type ,Duplexer for radio TX/RX etc.)Avionics Communication / Navigation , GPS , COSPAS-SARSAT , Direction Finder , Spare Parts , Engines , Military Mobile Electrical Power , etc
Description :

Aerocomm group was established since 1992 for business involving with telecom , communication , microwave , television , cable TV and radio broadcast. Aerocomm imports, supplies, design and install system for local customers In 1994 we have started manufacturing of RF & microwave devices for export to the world market. In 1995 we have expanded business to GPS (Global Positioning System) both navigation and time-frequency receivers.

From there we have expanded continuously to cover high technology products such as data communication , microwave , avionics communication , standard & calibration , etc. We also expand manufacture business by designing new products and models as well as cooperating with oversea manufacturers in order to manufacture as many microwave components as possible. Our aim is to finally manufacture telecom sub-systems and systems in Thailand.

Contact Info : Tel: (662) 693 8300-2